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Wannabe Writer: I wanna write a book.

Me: Okay.

Wannabe Writer: I wanna write a bestseller.

Me: Okay. Go for it.

Wannabe Writer: What do you think I should do?

Me: You’re asking me?

Wannabe Writer: Yeah, you being so intelligent and all.

Me: Well, I don’t know about that…

Wannabe Writer: You know a lot about books and you’re a writer.

Me: Yes, but…

Wannabe Writer: So, what should I do?

Me: Look, I don’t know what makes a bestseller. Except for one thing.

Wannabe Writer: What?

Me: You have to write it first.


(Tip: Wannabe Writer and Me are one and the same person.)


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I have been listening to this song on Youtube, “Feast of Starlight” from the movie “The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug”.

Those who are fans of Enya will surely enjoy this song. It’s gorgeous.

Composed by Howard Shore, sang by Grace Davidson, the lyrics are (I think) from Philippa Boyens, inspired by a poem of Tolkien.

The lyrics are in elvish and also in that language of the dwarves. It this interests you, you can search for the lyrics in the internet. A lot of Tolkien fans out there have them on their websites. I’m thinking of purchasing the soundtrack and hopefully, I’ll find the lyrics there. It’s a beautiful song, but I don’t understand a word of it. 🙂

This song is the theme for the impossible love between Tauriel, an elf, and Kili, a dwarf. It is no less beautiful for being impossible.

If you fancy this type of songs, you know it’s the kind that heals cancers. 🙂

Author and Photographer unknown
(You know who took this picture? Send me an email.)

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Author and Photographer unknown
(You know who took this picture? Send me an email.)

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I really, really, really like this movie. And I just got the DVD! 🙂

Maybe the science in it is not accurate, but it is awesome to watch anyway. More than once.

I love stories about intelligent people or, in this case, people who get so intelligent that they influence and change the world around them. To be able to control matter is something that fascinates me. And it’s not a movie about sorcerers, or magicians, or vampires, or the like (although I enjoy these too). It’s about an ordinary human being (and a decent one) that acquires extraordinary powers in the most unexpected place in the world.

Forget the percentages of brain usage. Think of this as someone who became so intelligent, she became One with the Universe. That’s my interpretation of it. 🙂


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Five things

Time to add five more things about me:

42 – I’m crazy for fried potatoes.

43 – I detest beer. To drink, that is. Some things cooked with it are pretty good.

44 – I love to watch the rain fall. But I also love beautiful blue sky sunny days.

45 – Green is my second favorite color.

46 – I’m absolutely, completely and irremediably crazy about shoes. More than any other piece of clothing.

Photo by Mitchell Feinberg

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…I’m eating orange drops. And boy, are they delicious! 🙂

One orange drop, two orange drops, three orange drops...

Photo by Steve Wall

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You missed me, didn’t you?


Margonper... Huuummmm! Sounds familiar...

Photo by Jorge Casais

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